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Setting Gas Limits

Setting gas limits for mints is a very important step to ensure you aren't caught out by very poorly optimised contracts. For most mints, your mint transaction will use gas somewhere in the region of 50k -> 200k
If the contract is very poorly optimised, we sometimes see gas usage in the range of 200k -> 300k. The more gas the transaction uses, the more it will cost you in gas fees
The easiest option is to set the gas limit to around 150k. This will basically limit your mint transaction to 150k gas units max. If it goes above 150k your transaction will automatically fail
Each contract uses a different amount of gas for mints and it's all down to how efficiently that contract has been created. You can check Etherscan for already completed mint transactions on that contract to see what limit you should be setting
If you are unsure about what gas limit to set ask the team