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XC BOT Important Information

Quick fire XC BOT information
  • XC BOT is currently in alpha stage. You may encounter bugs while using the tool. It's important that any bugs are outlined to the team so they can be resolved
  • It currently has a fully functional minting bot with capabilities to hit txns on flip blocks. We take an approach of building out tools one at a time and don't move onto new features until our existing ones can compete with the top tools in the market. Our main priority is txn speed, this is what we've optimised for since day 1 and will continue to do so
  • We recommend using t2.2xlarge instances in region US EAST (N. Virginia) for optimal performance. For running 5+tasks, you may wish to upgrade to a higher spec t2. instance. Please discuss VPS upgrade paths with the team. We have an official partnership with Sauce Servers (See Discord) who have great alternate servers to AWS (They accept crypto)
  • We will do our best to support with the setup of WL mints, however our main focus during this Early Access period is to overcome any bugs/issues that arise
  • The tool is currently only supported on Windows
  • All of the data stored on/by the BOT is both stored locally (on the machine itself) and is encrypted. This means that the only way to access to data stored is by having physical/remote access to the machine hosting the BOT
  • The wallet with the Early Access token MUST be added to your wallet list in the BOT dashboard
  • We have set a task limit of 5 at any one time during Early Access. This limit will be updated/removed post early access (You can have as many wallets added to the BOT but only 5 can be running a task at once)
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